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**Compatible with desktop & mobile**


I want to introduce my all new preset pack called, "Cool Jazz Preset Pack Vol. 1". Inside you'll find 10 unique, high-quality, professional Lightroom presets, aptly named after some of jazz's most notable greats, such as John Coltrane, Count Basie, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, and many more.


In jazz, when all of the many instruments are following the rules, and come together harmoniously, the result is something soul-touchingly beautiful. But genius comes in when you decide to take the rules and flip them on their head, creating something new and forging your own path, like many of the greats honored here did. Jazz is organized chaos, and I believe the same to be true in photography. When following all the rules, your photos can come out absolutely stunning, but it is only in putting the rules in the backseat, and deciding for yourself what the rules are... that you find the genius in your work. The order to the chaos. The cool.


The goal of this preset pack is to speed up your post-production process, by adding this tool to your workflow, making editing your photos quicker and more consistent.


This pack truly comes from my heart. I personally handcrafted and fine-tuned each of these presets, as well as experimented with them on thousands of different photos and lighting conditions. This preset pack is literally the culmination of several years of work. Not only have I experimented with and tried out these presets myself, but I’ve also enlisted some of my friends, who happen to be god-tier photographers themselves, and tasked them with experimenting with the pack as well. The feedback was unanimous; they all loved it and I surely guarantee that you will as well.


Whether outdoors, or in the studio, on a bright and sunny day, or an overcast day, shooting portraits or an event, these presets should give your photos a cool, jazzy, look.


**This product is non-refundable. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to me on social media or shoot me an email at**

Rob Ran Cool Jazz Preset Pack Vol. 1

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